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Looking into the property and getting the exact condition of the property is important before you invest in it. And in case you are even a bit doubtful about the Timber Inspection Brisbane on your property, or you think that the timber may have been infested then you can contact Pest Control 4, Brisbane, any time.

Our team for Pre Purchase Timber inspections in Brisbane is efficient and offers the best and most detailed service. All the major and minor details that one can require to determine the exact problem and condition of a property are identified by us. Our team offers the best pre-purchase timber inspection services. So if you are searching for pre-purchase timber inspections near me then contact us right away. 

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Prevention Tips For Timber Pests Invasion

The biggest threat the timber has is from pests only. So, if you do not want a pest infestation on your timber, then check the pest control tips below.

Prevention Tips For Timber Pest Invasion from Outside

  1. The best way for you to stop the pest from coming into your property is by sealing all the holes, cracks, and gaps in your wall, roof or anywhere. 
  2. You can look for signs of pest infestation every once in a while.
  3. If you have a garden or a tree beside the timber, then keep it trimmed so that the shrubs or tree does not touch the house. 
  4. Remove the trash as frequently as possible, even from outside the property too. 
  5. Do not let the water sit near or in your house. 

Prevention Tips For Timber Pest Invasion from Indoor 

  1. Try to deep clean your house every 3 to 4 months, and normally clean the house frequently too. 
  2. Do not let any food crumbs sit anywhere. From the kitchen countertops to the dining table or floor do not let the food crumbs anywhere, because the food crumbs may become food for pests. 
  3. Sweep and mop the floor daily.
  4. If you are not removing the garbage daily, then keep the garbage bin clean and garbage sealed. This will not attract pests, but be sure to remove the garbage once every two or three days. 
  5. Put the netting on your windows to stop pests like flies, bees, and wasps from entering your property.
  6. If you encounter any wood which is moist or damp and is removable then put the wood in the sun, but in case the wood is not removable then get it changed.

In case even following all the tricks and tips mentioned above does not stop the pest infestation, then contact our best timber inspection team in Brisbane. Moreover, we offer the most affordable pre-purchase pest inspection services


1. Will the process of pre-purchase inspection take too much time for my house?

The pre-purchase time inspection service will completely depend on the size, type, etc. Although the pre-purchase timber inspection services are a time-consuming process, our experts try to do it as soon as possible. Still, this service may take from 2 to 4 hours easily. 

2. Do you offer services in Brisbane’s suburbs?

Yes, our services are offered in all of Brisbane’s suburbs.

3. Are your specialists licensed?

Yes, we only hire licensed experts. 

Timber Inspection Brisbane
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