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Silverfishes are small and wingless insects found mostly in warm and wet regions like storm cellars and pantries. They are well known to feed on starchy materials which are especially high in protein. They are capable of causing damage to books, food, and clothes too. The only solution to this is to control them. Pest Control 4 Brisbane are best known for controlling silverfish. Based in Brisbane, we aim to give the best quality to our customers by providing the best silverfish control services. We have a well experienced and well equipped team to carry on operations to help you get rid of silverfish. You can contact our silverfish exterminators to book your slots.

silverfish control brisbane

Types Of Silverfish Control Services We Offer

Our customers can completely rely on the services provided by us at such an affordable price. The services provided by us are: 

  • Residential Silverfish Control – We offer the facility of examining and exterminating any unwanted silverfish from your house and nearby surrounding. Our team will be sent to the given address and help you out. 
  • Silverfish Inspection and Removal – We offer quality work of silverfish inspection services at a promising cost. You can contact us by ringing us and we will come to your rescue. 
  • Pre-purchase Silverfish inspection –  Health and quality are two things that should not be compromised, believing in that we offer the service of a pre-purchase silverfish inspection so that you are stress free to enter your new home. 
  • Restaurant Silverfish Control – We also offer Silverfish control services for public places like restaurants. Places like these have to be maintained well in terms of cleanliness. 
  • Same day Silverfish Control– We value quality and keeping that in mind we are available for you if you need us on the very same day. We provide silverfish control at a reasonable cost.  
  • Emergency Silverfish Control Services – No one can predict an invasion, but we can be ready with the solutions, our customers can book our pest elimination services at any time in case of an emergency.

Tips and precautions to keep Silverfish under control

  • Place silverfish poison. 
  • Use cedar oil or cedar.  
  • You can roll a newspaper and wet it. After the silverfish gets into it you can throw or burn it. 
  • Additionally, you can spread dried bay leaves, and silverfish will run away from the smell. 
  • Place a starchy substance in a glass container then wrap the outside with tape. Silverfish can get into the jar by climbing up but they can’t get out because of the surface. 


Are your Silverfish Control services available for emergencies? 

Yes, you can book our services by giving us a call directly. Therefore, you can depend on our company to have benefits in case of an emergency.

Are your services harmless to the environment? 

Yes, we use eco-friendly products in the removal of silverfishes.

Is the Silverfish control Brisbane team available on government holidays? 

Yes, our team of experts is available 24/7 to remove pests from your home. We are also working on government holidays.

Silverfish Control Brisbane
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