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Information: While there are over 1300 ant species in Australia, only a few are considered pests to people. These are some examples:

  • Fire Ants
  • Coastal Brown Ants
  • Black House Ants
  • Bull Ants
  • Argentine Ants
  • Green Headed Ants
  • Sugar Ants
  • Garden Ants
  • Pharaoh Ants

Ant colonies can be found practically anyplace, including kitchens, roof spaces, lawns, gardens, lumber, and rockeries, among other places. They are picky eaters, yet they can eat practically anything humans eat. Different ants prefer different diets, such as fats and oils, proteins, or sugars.

When ants find food, they leave an invisible chemical trail known as a pheromone, which allows other ants to navigate their way from the nest to the food source. These trails are remarkably tenacious, even throughout prolonged periods of rain. Simply killing the ants, you observe leaves a scent trail for the rest of the ants in the nest to follow. 

Ants develop their nests beneath pavers, destroying your walkways and driveways. Outdoor ant control requires a combination of sprays and baits. Baits are used to eliminate ant colonies, depending on the type of ant. 

Why Should You Hire Experts From Pest Control 4 Brisbane To Control Ants In Brisbane?

Ants can be an inconvenience in the home, and a bite from a green-headed ant or a tyrant ant can be extremely painful. Some ants are difficult to control due to their nest construction, temperament, and high population density. Homeowners’ usage of ant killer spray may kill the ants but not the ant colony. As a result, you require emergency pest control service in Brisbane

At Pest Control 4 Brisbane, we have an ant removal crew that is well-versed in the many ant species and a wide selection of professional ant control solutions. We employ non-toxic ant removal techniques. If you’re having trouble getting rid of ants, please contact us for a free consultation.

We provide the following benefits on hiring our services:

  • Ant specific treatment
  • Future infestations can be prevented
  • A thorough inspection of the premises
  • Our ant control services are delivered on time.
  • All ant control services are provided at the most affordable prices.
  • After the ant elimination operation, there is no stink or stain.
  • Our crew is highly qualified, trained, and proficient in ant management.
  • To exterminate ants, the most advanced tools and techniques are used.
  • Our consumers can rely on us 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Our services are convenient and safe for your pets and children.


Should I do my own ant control? Is this service available in Brisbane?

If you are confident and can thoroughly assess the problem, you can handle the ant on your own. If you don’t know what you’re doing, the pesticide could be harmful to your health. As a reason, hiring skilled pest control professionals is always the best option. And yes, this service is definitely available in Brisbane. 

Is it worthwhile to hire pest control? 

Yes, the importance of a reliable pest control service cannot be stressed. You have the choice of caring for the indoor and outdoor environment. 

Following an insect prevention procedure, what do I need to do? Is this company registered? 

It is typically a good idea to give the pest control area a few days to rest. It would ensure complete insect eradication. Then, using a decent cleaning solution, clean the entire surface. Yes, Pest Control 4 Brisbane is a registered company.